Monday, April 13, 2009

A Joyful Visit

We had a fun weekend. Our sister and niece came to visit. We celebrated Neveah's 1st birthday.

Isaiah with his messy shirt and hands : )

We love them both so much!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jazz Dog

It has been a busy two weeks! Jazzy is quite a bit of fun! We picked her up from Roanoke Rapids, NC. It was a meeting point for us and another couple that was also adopting a little one that same day. Jazzy was handed to me right away. She stayed close. She was a little nervous, I could tell. I was so emotional. I cried when the lady brought her over to me and put her straight into my arms. We all played for a bit. She had to say good-bye to a sister of hers. She adapted very well to us since we picked her up. She already knows who her Mommy and Daddy are. She whines when either one of us leave her sight. She's our baby. I have some pictures I'll share with you. When we first picked her up, she was 5.8 lb. and now, in two weeks, she's put on almost a whole whopping pound! She had her first vet visit with us yesterday. She weighed in at 6.6 lb. She loves squeaky toys. If it doesn't have sound, it doesn't have her attention. She's crazy. After her power naps, she takes off in laps around the apartment. It's so funny. We bought her two toys from a local convenient store and spent about ten dollars. We came home and she would rather play with a plastic water bottle for three hours! Silly girl. Here are a few pics to glance at. I'll be posting again here soon. It's just been a bit hectic around here. I'm sure you understand.

Jazzy ( 2 Days after Adoption )

First Bath with Mommy and Daddy

Jazz Dogg

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Weekend in Celebration

The Baby Shower was a success! Chelsea had a wonderful day. She went out for the day, watched a movie and hung out with her friend while Ashley and I decorated and got things Just Right for her. We had fun decorating and getting ready for her. Baby Kenzie got some really cute things on Sunday. Everyone is anxious for her to be born. Chelsea, if you read this...Thank You for giving me this opportunity to help throw this shower for you and your baby girl.


My very first diaper cake!

Ashley adding the final touches to her sash

A Pea in a Pod

The diaper game!


Gross Jordan!

Me and Ashley!

The baby shower had a great turnout. There were about 15 people there. I just wanted to share with you the first baby shower I've ever helped throw.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Kissing in the New Year!


Ramses and I had a great New Years. We visited both sets of parents on New Year's Eve and then came home to watch the ball drop. We toasted to the upcoming year and danced with each other as Times Square was filled with excitement after the massive crystal ball reached the end of the countdown. It was a really good First New Years with my Hubby. I wouldn't have had it any other way.